Oxygen Facts

Oxygen is the very essence of life! However many of us have low Oxygen levels in our body.

Within the last thousands of years the Oxygen in the atmosphere has decreased.

The Earth's atmosphere comprised of 40% oxygen; today we breathe only 19% - 21%.

Lack of oxygen in our universe is due to pollution, burning of fossil fuels and overall destruction of the ozone layer.

Everyday we breathe 20,000 times. Research has demonstrated that our vital lung capacity decreases 5% with very decade of life. This lung elasticity means less oxygen.

Blood is the liquid carrier of oxygen that fuels all systems, stimulates chemical reactions and cleans itself of wastes and toxins.

By mass, oxygen makes up 90% of  the water molecule; water makes up 65-75% of the human body. Our brain, which makes up 2% of our total mass, requires 20% of the body's oxygen needs.

Cancer attacks every organ in our body, except the heart because of its abnormal supply of oxygen.

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