RENEW Oxygen Massage

A combination of Swedish, Deep tissue, trigger Point, Reflexology, Ashiatsu, Lomi Lomi,Sports Thai, Lymphatic Drainage, & Hot Stone all combined while inhaling pure oxygen

$80 an Hour, $120 an Hour & ½

RENEW Oxygen Massage and 30 Minute Ozone

Renew Oxygen Massage & Renew Ozone Therapy

1 Hr $100, 1.5 Hr. $140


Buy a package of 10hr of massage for $560

RENEW  Oxygen Massage

Unlimited  Ozones $400

Rain Drop Therapy

Drops of Aeromatherapy from Biblical times are applied to trigger areas on the Head, Hands, Feet, & back, this help release toxins, relax muscles, and smell like you bathed in oils for months.

$20 extra with massage

RENEW Paraffin Hand and Feet Treatments

Hand and feet dip in hot aeroma Wax to soften and tighten the skin, great for Arthritis

$20 Extra with Massage

Ozone Detox

30 minutes of Activated Ozone Steam, which makes you sweat out all Toxins, Lactic Acid and replenishes the body with the right amount of oxygen the muscles and cells need to Reduplicate and raise our Immune System.

$30 for 30 minutes $20 with purchase of package or massage

Dead Sea Salt Scrub & Organic Sugar Scrub

Client receives Dead Sea Salt Scrub, and Organic Sugar Scrub after massage. To clean all toxins off the skin and replenish the body of all lost minerals.

$30 additional with Massage

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